BIG QUESTIONS SERIES-The Homilies of St Asinus

A series on the most basic questions of life.

Who am I? Why am I here? What’s the point of it all? Questions like these reach our very core, and the answers matter. This series will explore some of the deepest questions we have and discuss whether or not Christianity has compelling answers to them. Because, let’s face it, if it doesn’t, that seems a pretty good reason to look elsewhere.

I Need Answers…

Big Questions 1

What to do with universal longing and the doubt that inevitably comes up. Why doesn’t my experience always match what I believe is real and true?

Some Starting places

Big Questions 2

Do just “religious people” accept things on Faith? Thoughts on basic assumptions and the nature of belief. What are St. Asinus’ basic assumptions?

Who's in Charge Here?

Big Questions 3

Considering the God who is at the back of all things – who comes to us and desires relationship with us.

Does God Care?

Big Questions 4

Is the universe an accident? Am I? Does God care about all this? What evidence is there that God loves the world?

Why am I here?

Big Questions 5

What am I here to do? What’s my purpose in the world? What does the story of creation teach me about my reason for being here?

I'm Human. So What?

Big Questions 6

What does it mean to be Human? Why do we have such a negative view of our humanity?

What is Wrong with the World?

Big Questions 7

Brushing up against “the problem of evil.” If God is so awesome, where does all the bad stuff come from? How does the story of the Genesis Fall answer the basic question of why life is so hard?

What's Wrong with Us?

Big Questions 8

Why do humans act so wretchedly? Why can’t seem to stop? What’s wrong with us? An exploration of the Christian answer to the disorder I find in my heart.

Who Can Help Us?

Big Questions 9

What is the answer to the human dilemma? So we have a penchant for acting wretchedly as a species and as individuals, what are we going to do about? Well, since we seem to refuse to do anything about it, someone else must help us.

What's My Mission?

Big Questions 10

What’s I my purpose for existing? What am I here to do? How does Christianity’s beliefs about a Redeemer change the way I eat, sleep, and work?

God's Redemptive Community

Big Questions 11

How is the Church an answer to the big human questions like who I am, why I’m here, and where I’m going?

What Times are These?

Big Questions 12

What does it mean for the Church to exist in the tension of “the between times” – in the days following the inauguration of the Kingdom and its consummation. What is the church’s identity and mission in these times?

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